Emily McBurnie began her spiritual journey at the age of three when she drowned and crossed to the other side.

Dead for eleven minutes she saw the light, flew outside her body and travelled to a higher realm.

When she came back to her physical body she brought back many guides who made her the unique yoga teacher she is today.

Emily has an incredible gift as an intuitive yoga teacher. She can walk into a room and know what is going on with the body, mind and soul.

Emily is a medium and her knowledge of yoga is extensive. Her downloads from the gurus before her has given her a wealth of knowledge.

Emily has dedicated over a decade of her life training with master teachers of numerous lineages.

She is humble, authentic and has a very practical approach to her teachings.

It is paramount everyone feels comfortable walking into her yoga trainings, workshops and retreats, whether they have the calling to become teachers themselves or wish to set up a dedicated self practice.

There is no such thing as being “good at yoga.”

Many factors come into play like anatomy, trauma in our body and where we are at any moment in time, the journey is infinite.

Emily is an advocate against the commercialization of yoga and writes controversial articles on many subjects for Indie publication Elephant Journal.

Her article “I’m Breaking Up With Spirituality” triggered a movement of hundreds of thousands of yogis saying “enough is enough”.

Her push toward authentic yoga and regulating yoga teaching has been expressed in many Podcasts and through her writing.

Emily is currently working on her first book on Enlightenment, where her experience in a whole foods in Toronto, during a February blizzard where a bunch of kale became her baby, led to her name “Baby Kale Yogi”.

Emily regularly attends festivals, trainings and has a strong self practice, dedicating four hours per day to asana, meditation, mantra and pranayam.

Emily has taught workshops on yoga, meditation, chakras, tarot and spirituality, Kundalini, Yin teacher trainings and her signature Hot Stone Restorative Yoga teacher trainings.

She has students from all walks of life from Nomads to Fortune 500 families.

Emily sees all of her teacher trainings as an opportunity for everyone, including herself, to dive deeper into their practice and share the love of Yoga to raise the consciousness of the planet.

Peace to all, Light to All, Love to All, Sat Nam!