I attended Emily’s training in Yin and Restorative Hot Stone Yoga with our regional spa yoga teachers.  I had no intention of teaching but was so inspired with the experience and results that I haven’t stopped since.  The training was incredibly nourishing, like a homecoming.

Luisa Anderson

Wellness Director

Meeting Emily was a blessing and a miracle.  We immediately hit it off spiritually and I knew that I needed her as my spiritual guide and teacher.  I have recently fallen in love with yoga and I owe much of that to Emily.  Emily’s yoga practice is everything your body and spirit needs.  She is very in touch and intuitive that at the start of each class she just knows exactly which yoga practice to teach the class that day, she always knew what we needed.  Anyone that has the opportunity to take classes with Emily should do so immediately and always.  I miss her presence, her wisdom and her teaching every day and will always remember her teachings.  She is passionate, intuitive and knowledgeable – all the best gifts of a teacher.



When on retreat with I could not imagine so many thought would change within me for good. Her yoga not only gave me the platform to strengthen my joints with your guidance it gave me a total lift to recharge myself, I have  lots of love and gratitude for getting me closer to understand coordination between mind and body!



I thoroughly enjoyed Emily’s Restorative Yoga workshop! This was my first time attending this type of yoga class. I have been a regular yogi for many years & recently began practicing Bikram Yoga. During the Restorative workshop with Emily I was able to relax & unwind while holding poses for a period of time & allowing my body to absorb much needed energy! I felt very calm & peaceful for the rest of the day & next several days! I would definitely attend restorative classes in the future.



Emily’s yoga classes are great-for newbies and more advanced yogis.” No two classes are quite the same -entertaining, accessible and challenging-both physically and mentally. And always at your own pace which I like a lot!

Catherine Jackman


In Emily’s classes I always knew I was going to have fun.. She never fails to integrate her loving personality and fascinating experience and knowledge into her practice. The content is always great, and the way it is delivered- even better. Emily will certainly help connect you with the source of the divine while bringing you back to the surface of humanity in a raw, fun, and light hearted way highly recommend taking any kind of classes or workshops with her.



As a former athlete I approach yoga from a different perspective, not only am I less flexible but my restrictions come from injuries and trauma that comes from playing Rugby and Ice Hockey, full contact sports that leave some dents. When I entered Emily’s restorative and  hot stone yoga class I didn’t know what to expect. It was the perfect antidote to my pains allowing me to focus on my injuries without stress and getting some relief. If and when she returns to my area I will sign up again!


Victoria, B.C.

Attending one of Emily’s classes will be an experience like no other class you have gone to. She is an amazing and wonderful yoga teacher and so much more. Her classes are a spiritual experience. She is real and authentic and her light shines so bright you won’t want to leave at the end. I believe she is nothing short of a spiritual master teacher walking on this earth. You will not want to miss out.



I luckily met Emily at a gelato place and my roommate hired her for private yoga lessons. Impressed, I joined the lesson and we extended until I had to leave Bali. Emily was a wonderful teacher. She blended meditation, yoga, and kundalini depending on the day and our needs. Also, Emily is a lovely woman. She is down to earth, personable and fun. I highly recommend her!



Emily teaches the way she lives – truthfully.  I have had the immense pleasure to have attended many of Emily’s classes and they have all been unique and fantastic!  Unique because she doesn’t teach at you, she is one of you – there is no posturing in her poses.  Fantastic because I heard something new every time and she shared herself every time!  She blesses you with her spirit and her knowledge.